BOOM AWARDS – The Importance of an Organic Industry.

Tabitha James Kraan wins ‘Best of Organic Haircare Brands’

Boom Awards Winner Ribbon - Tabitha James Kraan - Best Organic Hair Care


First and foremost – THANK YOU to the wonderful Judges at this years Soil Association BOOM (Best of Organic Market) Awards for the honour of awarding me with ‘Best of Organic Haircare’. A true privilege – and something that myself and my team are very proud of! This year was the very first year featuring a range of awards for beauty & wellbeing and fashion & textiles and I was nominated within the all new “Best in Organic Haircare” category. I attended their seamless virtual BOOM Award Ceremony, which was hosted by an incredible team at Soil Association – a profound ‘KUDOS’ to them!

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This event highlighted that not only is organic certified products and farming fun, delicious, high performance and directly competitive to its non-organic counterparts – but in fact it is ESSENTIAL.

Essential that we know what is Authentic | Essential to the wellbeing of ourselves | Essential to maintain a healthy earth… We only have one 🌍

The Soil Association Beauty has divided the reasoning behind the importance of Organic Farming into the below categories:

Organic Farming Cares for Soils

The key principles of organic farming mean that beauty and wellbeing products that contain organically produced ingredients help prevent soil erosion and support soil fertility, 🐛🥕🥦 key things which are needed to support our planet. 🌍As we shared in our Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Market Report, the soil on organic farms is also home to 30% more wildlife and 75% more bees than conventional farms on average 🐝🦋

Supports Wildlife
In our survey, 23% of consumers expected there to be no chemical pesticides used in growing the ingredients of their favourite beauty and wellbeing brands, something that organic farming directly supports. 🦋 Less use of chemical pesticides allows wildlife to thrive and protects habitats including wildflowers, woodlands, waterways and rivers. 🌻🌲🏞
Carbon Sequestration

Carbon in the atmosphere is one of the biggest drivers of #climatechange, and organic farming is proven to directly combat this by storing more carbon in the soil. 🍃🐛🌻 Organic farms store more carbon in their soil in both the short and long term, meaning certified beauty and wellbeing products can show they are directly tackling climate change with the organic ingredients that they use. 🌍✨

Reducing Emissions and ‘closing the loop’
“As organic farms use little or no chemical pesticides and fertilisers, they have the opportunity to make more use of what is available to them locally. Compost and manure from nearby farms provide effective fertilisers for ingredients. 🐄🌱 By thinking local in this way, organic farms act global by reducing emissions and thus supporting the Earth. 🌍 Certified organic beauty and wellbeing products are rooted in these principles.

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