Country & Townhouse Magazine features my hero 4-in-1 Conditioner!

Being from the countryside - Country & Townhouse is one of my favourite magazines to read, both in print and online (they have a fabulous website, I highly recommend getting lost in their informative articles, travel inspiration, glamorous lifestyle tips and honest product recommendations!)

So to my delightful surprise my multi-use cult classic was featured in a recent print!

Tabitha James Kraan Country & Townhouse Press Clipping

"Born in the Cotswolds, Tabitha James Kraan’s range of organic haircare is built on the premise of skincare for the hair. Using all natural ingredients, the hero 4-in-1 conditioner is hugely restorative and designed to be layered. Use it to detangle in the shower, as a leave-in for the hair or scalp, as heat protection or as a co-wash.”

Thank you to Mariella Tandy for the feature! 

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