Gentle cleansing without compromise; Clean Shampoo

We believe we should cleanse the hair without stripping the natural oils, as traditional detergent based shampoos do. Which is why I designed my clean shampoo to meet the expectations of a traditional shampoo but without the use of harsh detergents, synthetic ingredients, plastics or silicones. 

TJK Gentle Cleansing without Compromise

Why Clean?
Clean means C L E A N
🌳Nature forward

What makes it unique? Traditionally, shampoo formulations’ no.1 ingredient is water, however water is nearly impossible to certify as being organic. I decided to completely abandon this concept by formulating my shampoo to have Organic Aloe Vera as the main ingredient to carry enriched extracts of rosemary, horsetail and marigold. Scented with essential oils of neroli, myrrh, bergamot, tangerine and lavender for the uplifting and invigorating Golden Citrus aromatherapy scent.

‘Have been using this shampoo for over two years following a recommendation from my neighbour. I wouldn’t be without it, it’s fantastic. I take it with me to my hairdresser and she in turn love’s it and recommends it to her clients. More power to Tabitha.’ - - Kate F

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