How to Hair Oil Guide

Hair Care as Self Care

Our Scented Organic Hair Oil is designed to be used as a pre-wash treatment applied with the flats of the hands to the areas of the hair that need it most. Our beautiful oil is suitable for all hair types. Use to rebalance your hair and scalp to reveal tresses full of life and natural shine. 

The scenting & aromatherapy are an important part of your Tabitha JK hair experience. We encourage you to slow down your hair care and enjoy the ritual of washing and oiling your hair as part of your self-care. 

Your favourite hair oil is available in two signature scents - Spring Equinox & Amber Rose. Choosing which one to use is as simple as noticing which fragrance you feel most drawn to.

Our 'Spring Equinox' hair oil is designed to balance your heart and mind. A beautifully complex scent, it has been created with the intention of grounding you and supporting you, connecting you with nature's delights for Spring & Summer. 

If you want to feel warm, calm and centred, our Amber Rose scent is for you. It is like a warm, loving hug.

How to Hair Oil Guide

Firstly find a cosy place to be and allowing for sitting and lying down.

1. The warming - Warm one pump (half for finer hair) of the oil into the palm of the hands and warm by rubbing the palms together. This is an important moment to take in the aromatherapy and breath, 3 long ,slow, deep breathes.

2. The application – apply with the flats of the hands to the mid/lengths and ends and areas that are dehydrated, repeat the stroking until the oil has fully transferred from the hands.

3. The massage – now you can massage your scalp applying a little oil to the flats of your hands and apply to the scalp, to balance and nourish it. With a massage technique you can play with different actions from your finger tips to the flats of your hands, try applying different pressures for varying sensations. This is not something you can get wrong it is about finding what you like and experimenting with different versions. The massage will warm the scalp and encourage blood flow to the follicle and support a healthy scalp whilst relaxing your whole being in the process. Pick up tips from your stylist in-salon, see what feels good to you.

4. The breathing – find a cosy place to lay down and rest for a few minutes. Now take a moment to breathe deeply again, take in the aromatherapy hair oil from your hands and rest.

5. The absorption time – You can leave this oil in the hair overnight and wash as normal the following morning, allowing the oil to fully absorb into the hair. If you only have half an hour this will also work, thirsty locks will drink the oil  - just use a little less when applying.

6. The washing – we recommend washing with our Clean shampoo. We recommend focusing on the roots and scalp area so as not to remove moisture from the hair itself.

Depending on your hair type if you are out of balance i.e. too oily or too dry you could choose our Organic hair cleanser instead and wash in the same method.


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