How to use: Scented Organic Hair Oil

There are many ways in which my Scented Organic Hair Oil can be used, some of the most popular ways being;

  • As a Pre-Wash Treatment – 1 pump is enough to fully coat the mid lengths – ends of your hair. You can use this 30 mins before you are about to wash your hair or you cans sleep with the treatment in. Simply wash your hair the next day for a unbelievable bounce and sheen.
  • A calming scalp treatment. This is especially great for those who suffer with a dry or flakey scalp. The oil will closely mimic the acid mantle that naturally occurs on the skin (and scalp!) bringing much needed balance and relief to an irritated scalp. (PS. This works the same way for men’s beards!)
  • A leave in product – for this application I only recommend a micro pipette amount (Unscrew the pump from the bottle and use a small dab of product from the end of the pump tube). Less is more. The oil will gradually absorb into the hair throughput the day, so feel free to touch up again the following day if you feel your hair or colour is looking a little dull.

Which way are you using the #cultclassic Scented Organic Hair Oil?

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