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As a self proclaimed Organic Woman, Jo Wood, much like myself has fully immersed herself into the world of organic, after finding out the harsh realities of what non-organic ‘commercial’ products, unsustainable farming practises, pesticides and chemicals do to all living things – (including us and our bodies!)
Some called it her obsession and some even questioned her, however in 2021 – we are hoping to change the way organic is viewed by speaking up about the importance of organic in all societies.
We had a long chat about her organic potatoes, favourite organic products, the soil and everything in between – I have chosen my favourite moments below. For the full conversation, visit my IGVT on @tabithajk Instagram.

I started off our chat with a simple question for Jo; ‘What does organic mean to you?’


 Jo went on to tell me about her difficult diagnosis in the 90’s and what she did about it! “It was like a new adventure I was about to go on”


Jo & I shared stories of when we started…


Then we touched on supply & demand in the market as well as the importance of maintaining good, healthy soil with nutrients and a balanced microbiome.


We also had the pleasure of hearing all about Jo’s Organic Potatoes, while on tour with the ‘boys’


She shared her favourite organic product with us – Coconut Oil! A Great multi-use staple.


We also gushed over each others lovely organic products, and Jo teased us with a special upcoming project she has been working on, which would be launched this summer, which are just about the coolest concept I’ve heard of – they’re called… BATH TEA’S! Shop her beautiful candles and other organic home and body products HERE


As Jo’s Hairdresser – it was crucial that we discuss her organic haircare routine & TJK must-haves. She loves the the 4 in 1 Conditioner and the Hair Cleanser, and prefers them in the larger 500ml sizes. To top off her routine, she also uses the Organic Hair Oil as a weekly oil treatment.



The conversation between your body & organic is much less complicated than we think. I explained how your hair (and skin!) behave when using organic products, versus products full of chemicals.


…One person at a time


I highly suggest to stay tuned on her instagram, @jowoodofficial for the official launch of her Bath Tea’s, and to watch her fun and informative Instagram Live’s! To watch the conversation, head my IGVT on @tabithajk Instagram.

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