Rochelle's TJK Journey

My hair has been a journey - from being dyed every colour under the sun, to being bleached till it snapped. I've tried so many brands and empty promises that its hard for me to trust a brand (it doesn't help that I work in the beauty industry and recognise all the marketing fads out there) 

My toxic relationship with bleach

I was on the lookout for the most natural, eco friendly haircare that I could find - which led me to using shampoo bars and conditioners. This did clean my hair well, but I saw no improvements in my dry ends, and it just refused to grow past certain length. Thankfully I was introduced to TJK Haircare in 2018, and instantly my hair was on the mend. I started with a weekly Scented Organic Hair Oil Treatment, and the 4 in 1 Conditioner as a hair moisturiser. My scalp also benefitted from the gentle Hair Cleanser (vastly different to the types of cleansers that would previously strip my hair of any oil)

Since using TJK I have had to get a trim every 3 months! Something that has never happened before - after everything I've put my hair through - I felt I could finally cut the toxic relationship I had with bleach and enjoy healthy, bouncy and easy to manage hair. 

“I was introduced to Tabitha James Kraan  in 2018, and I have turned back once (by accident) and what a big mistake that was. Lesson learnt!”

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