Sarah's TJK Journey

I live in Dubai, UAE and have been using TJK products for about 4 years now. It all started when I had the desire to become more conscious of the products I use on myself in the name of beauty, and I was on a mission to switch up what I could to natural and organic. I dived into the conscious beauty realm head on and all my research led me to TJK when it came to haircare. A month after publishing a blog post about the brand, I found myself invited to meet Tabitha, the hair legend herself. What an honor it was!

I have always had an itchy, oily and flaky scalp but weekly head massages with the Scented Hair Oil and then washing it all out with the Hair Cleanser have calmed it down considerably. Combined with the 4-in-1 Conditioner, they transformed my hair from dry, brittle and frizzy to soft and manageable. I have been pretty much loyal to TJK over the years, apart from a couple of products from other brands (a shampoo bar and hair oil because I was out of the Scented Organic Hair Oil) my scalp pretty much rebels if I sample anything else!

Sarah's TJK Hair Story - Scented Organic Hair Oil

TJK was able to achieve what no other hair brand has been able to for me, conventional or clean; it is really a testament to how effective conscious beauty products can be, all while being ethically made and eco sustainable at the same time. The Amber Rose scent is my favorite and I buy the products in the largest size available.

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