Spotlight on: Safflower Oil

Key Ingredient No.1 – Meet My Hair Heroes

I don’t waste space in my award-winning, organic hair products: Each and every ingredient that I use to create my high-performance, all-natural hair care line has been carefully selected to bring you the very best results possible. From luxury oils for deep hydration and varnished shine to heavenly scents made with my own aromatherapy blends, I utilise the ‘hair heroes’ in the best way I know how!

Historical Safflower 'Carthamus tinctorius' Illustration

In today’s blog, I'm proud to present an oil that has been used for thousands of years for it’s abundant health and beauty benefits and that takes the top spot in our Scented Organic Hair Oil ingredients list as well as being included in other products across the whole range: Safflower Seed Oil.

Safflower seeds - used to create the lovely oil

Safflower oil is densely nutritious. As everything that we put onto our hair and scalp goes into our body, I love it when the ingredients are as beneficial for your health internally as they are for the vitality of your hair, externally. Safflower oil is most definitely one of those. Due to the high concentrations of polyunsaturated fatty acids, namely linoleic acid (omega-6) and oleic acid, Safflower oil is beneficial for the whole body, from protecting heart health and balancing hormones to boosting the immune system and delivering shiny, healthy hair and clear, radiant skin.

Healthy scalp = healthy hair

One of the major selling points for including Safflower oil in the products was that the aforementioned oleic acid is a potent scalp stimulator, increasing circulation to strengthen the follicles and encourage strong, healthy hair growth.

Revive, restore & repair.

Dried Safflower petals - not to be confused with Saffron

As with all of the organic oils that are used in the Tabitha James Kraan Organics range, Safflower oil is a readily absorbed natural oil which penetrates each, individual shaft of hair with ease, gently penetrating the cuticle and providing an intense injection of hydration and nutrition where it’s needed most. Unlike synthetic oils, which sit on top of the hair effectively like a shiny plastic coating rather than reaching into the cuticle, safflower oil is drunk up eagerly by thirsty hair, meaning that your locks are left truly restored.

Close-up of the Safflower's thistle-like petals. 

Unlike the ‘celebrity’ oils such as Coconut and Argan (which I also use across the range!), you may not be all that familiar with Safflower oil, which I consider to be one of my secret weapons. Safflower oil is not one of these fashionable ingredients that the media tells us to love, but it is an oil that was good enough to be found in Tutunkhamun’s tomb and hailed for it’s exceptional qualities in many ancient Grecian manuscripts. If it’s good enough for Greek Gods and Pharaohs, it’s good enough for me!

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