Tabitha James Kraan

Classic Sample Set*


Classic Sample Set:

This is for everyone - for all hair types, Male and female. all conditions including hair that has been colour treated.

Scented Organic Hair Oil Sample (3ml) Pre-wash treatment to restore, protect and polish the hair with this expertly formulated nutrient-rich and gloriously scented Organic Hair Oil. Use before washes, as a treatment, moisturise and nurture hair that has been stressed by lifestyle and styling.

Clean Shampoo Golden Citrus  (10ml)
A Professional, certified organic shampoo, designed to detox heavy products & toxins, with it's rich, gentle lather. Suitable for all hair types. Follow with a TJK Conditioner.

Organic 4-in-1 Conditioner Amber Rose  (10ml) Harnessing the restorative and structuring properties of oats, infused with our signature blend of hair oils to protect and create manageable, soft hair without any build-up, Infusing the hair with deep moisture in a way that is designed to be layered. For curly girls, the 4-in-1 is a fantastic co-washing hair cleanser.

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