All about your Eco-Luxe routine

This groundbreaking Winter ritual features only the highest quality organic ingredients and is packaged in recyclable materials.  Our whole range is plastic free inside the bottle, made with no hidden plastic ingredients but instead nourishing certified organic ingredients - making it both luxurious and good for the environment, hence Eco-Luxe.

Begin your ritual by taking in the beautiful aromatherapy of the best selling Organic hair oil, my Scented Organic Hair Oil. This is your weekly pre-wash treatment designed to nourish and varnish your hair. Apply sparingly before you bath or sleep and remember less is more effective and more sustainable.  The rich oils grown organically are powerful and you only  need a little to get maximum effect.

Find a warm place to start your relaxation either in the bath or snuggled in warm wool blankets, then breath in the Aromatherapy essential oils.  Take in 3 long, slow, deep breathes and relax.  Leave in the oil in the hair while you bath or even overnight. 

This hair oil is infused with our signature amethyst crystal, it is our intention for this to add love to your ritual and let you relax and breathe.

Next, cleanse correctly with the uplifting Clean Shampoo Golden Citrus. Made without the use of harsh detergents, synthetic ingredients, plastics or silicones. Give the hair a deep wash focussing on the roots and scalp area leaving your ends to enjoy the benefit of the oil you have applied.

Apply the instant moisture boosting hair mask, for deep moisture that will keep your hair smooth and glossy for longer whilst being nurtured by nature. Apply this rich instant mask exactly where you need it most as it is going to give dehydrated areas a deep hit of moisture, no need to put it near the roots.

We’re finishing with the 4 in 1 Clean Conditioner, Luxury edition, perfect for your dressing table. Use it to detangle in the bath or shower and give a light rinse.This is your heat protection, styling cream, protection and smoothing product. Time to re apply; this multi-functional hair moisturiser will become your hair's best friend and can be used on wet or dry hair anytime as a leave-in the hair needs to feel better. 


We've done the work for you in developing this eco luxe routine that will empower you. We believe it is our responsibility as world citizens to ensure what we consume and ultimately goes down the sink is not harmful to our water systems. We want you to feel good about the choices you make for yourself and the environment around us, so we've developed an eco-luxe routine that is organic, wrapped up in luxurious recyclable materials that is designed to perform with no compromise. 


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