Caley's Real TJK Hair Story

I’ve never been one to blow dry my hair or use straighteners/curlers except for special occasions, and in addition to using Tabitha’s product my hair is resultantly super moisturised and healthy - as well as being a greasy teen.

Tabitha James Kraan - Caley's Hair Journey

Caley Cavan, Student Cheltenham Ladies College modelling her beautiful, healthy locks for Tabitha James Kraan after only a few months of using the range.


However one night I went to my friends dorm to borrow her straighter and she happily handed them to me. as I turned for the door she said “do you not want heat protectant” to which I flippantly replied “no it’s fine thanks” and she was shocked. She went on to lecture me about how damaging heat is if you don’t use protectant (as if i didn’t know) to which I simply replied,

"The TJK Organic range I use is so moisturising my hair is constantly heat protected."

She has never been a fan of my holistic lifestyle, being the daughter of a doctor, and despite me gifting her Tabitha’s products on multiple occasions she doesn’t use them out of prejudice for natural products. She is constantly frustrated with her curly frizzy hair that she recognises as one of her biggest insecurities.


Caley's Tabitha James Kraan Real Hair Story
Caley's hair after using Tabitha James Kraan for 3 years


I’ve told her that Tabitha’s products help so much with frizz and curl but she’s not given it the time to prove me right. My hair continues to be in better condition than her's, even after I use heat. It speaks for itself really.


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She love's the anti frizz collection as it contains all she needs to maintain natural heat protection. 

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