Introducing Talia Cobbald, Interior Designer and Mother

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I am self-critical. Who isn't.  I can find a flaw with pretty much anything on myself, and my hair was definitely one of them.
When I was younger, my hair was dark blond, long and glossy. 
Talia before using TJK
Talia Cobbald, Interior Designer and Mother
This is how I would like to imagine myself, but in truth as the dark blond got darker, and I started to dye my hair and style it, it became dry, and a bit frizzy.  I would use treatments to try and recreate a healthy look, but these would only last a day, maybe two, and then I would have to wash it again.
Talia after damaging her hair
This was until I met Tabitha.  A friend recommended I go to see her.  I happen to live very close to her salon (I like local), however my friend travels over an hour to see her - testament to how good she is.

"Tabitha introduced me to a whole new approach to looking after my hair. My hair changed almost overnight"

I use her own brand organic Clean Shampoo, 4-in-1 Conditioner, Clean Conditioner and Scented Organic Hair Oil, as recommended to me gradually by Tabitha.  My hair changed almost overnight.  I now wash my hair every 4-5 days.  If it needs a boost, if it feels a little dry, I apply a small amount of the 4-in-1 conditioner to moisturise it.  My hair seems to get better as the days go on.  Sometimes on day 5 of no washing I get asked if I have just been to the hairdresser.  The night before I wash my hair I apply a pump of the oil as a treatment so to speak.  This smells so good, even my children ask me to put it in their hair too.  
Talia after using TJK
I now wear my hair long, something I haven't done in years despite being 42.  It feels thick and healthy, and I rarely have a bad hair day.  I have the hair I had when I was a child again, and I have Tabitha to thank for that.

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