Earth Month - Cut Carbon with Intelligent Hair Care

Cut energy and hot water use

This Earth Month and every month, you can help reduce hot water use and carbon by washing your hair less. By skipping just one hair wash a week, you could save over *800 gallons of water and reduce carbon by 7000 lbs a year!

Hot water is one of the biggest contributors to all of our personal carbon footprints. How long people shower for is important. Not washing our hair each time we shower massively reduces our hot water use. Hot water usage is a significant contributor to carbon emissions, due to energy required to heat it.

'We can define a carbon footprint to mean the impact that an individual's activities have on the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) released into the atmosphere due to the burning of fossil fuels.' - Soil Association. 

Carbon is having a massive impact on our planet - it warms the planet, causing climate change. *In just 130 years, CO2concentrations have increased by 45%. 

According to the *WWF:

A rise of just 2°c would mean:

  • Severe storms and floods in many countries, particularly impacting coastal areas, with droughts also affecting many parts of the world
  • Seas become more acidic, coral and krill die, food chains are destroyed
  • Little or no Arctic sea ice in summer – which not only means less habitat for polar bears, but also means the global climate warms faster, as there is less polar ice to reflect sunlight

Beyond 2°c:

  • Rainforests dying
  • Unthinkable loss of ancient ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica, causing dramatic sea level rises
  • Mass displacement of people and widespread species loss and extinction

Traditional brands encourage us to over-use hot water, emit harmful ingredients into the water system, create more packaging waste and potentially harm our bodies. By switching to Tabitha JK Organic Hair care, you can help reduce hot water use, water pollution and carbon footprint. 

Intelligent Hair Care

Tabitha JK Hair Care is consciously designed to train your hair to need less product and hot water use ultimately, saving time and money. You can manage your hair gently, maintain harmony and fall back in love with your hair, every day. 

Our sustainable and expert hair care products release us from our addiction to over washing our hair and using traditional products containing harsh chemicals and detergents that disrupt our body’s natural behaviour by stripping the scalp of its natural oil and leaving us with greasy hair. 

As a Soil Association COSMOS organic hair care brand, our products are 100% natural and reconnect us with with our body's intelligence and work in harmony with nature. Your hair stays cleaner for longer, meaning less hot water use and less carbon. 

The organic ingredient’s journey begins in the soil, how that ingredient is grown, processed, produced and used. 

Using organic ingredients supports organic farming, which directly supports biodiversity and soil health. Our beautiful, organically certified products that perform well, allows you to fall back in love with their hair – empowered in the knowledge you are no longer polluting your bodies, the rivers, seas and soil.

Switch to Tabitha JK Organic Hair and you can help protect the planet 

It’s time to untangle a century’s worth of damage. Celebrate your unique beauty, improve your health, cut hot water use and clean up the rivers and seas. Tabitha JK Hair Care works in harmony with nature and reconnects us with our body’s intelligence. Support your hair in between washes with your favourite Tabitha JK award-winning hair care products:

Dry Shampoo

*Dry shampoo saves on average 8 minutes running hot water + 5 minutes blow drying, which means that it:

  • Saves approx. 62 litres of water per shampoo
  • Saves 1.04 kg CO₂e (carbon emissions)
  • Saves 2.25 kWh energy.

There are two dry shampoos in a fair and dark version – choose yours according to your hair colour. 


Apply this very light organic powder in a fine mist to absorb the oil and take away any shine at the roots. 

If you're starting to look and feel a bit greasy it’s great to support you in prolonging your hair in between washes. It’s also an amazing volumiser. Or if you have blow dried your hair and want to keep it looking nice for as long as possible apply it to your roots to really lift and volumize the hair and give it texture. 

4-1 Conditioner 

  • Typically saves 2 minutes running hot water
  • Saves approx. 16 litres of water per shampoo
  • Saves 0.25 kg CO₂e (carbon emissions)
  • Time savings: Saves 1-5 minutes depending on length/type of hair.

This multi-functional hair moisturiser has four different uses. A small amount of our hair oil gives it this lovely richness – it’s pure moisture. Wherever you put it, the hair will absorb it.


It's a detangler in the shower, a great styling product, a traditional conditioner or a leave-in conditioner. You can apply it to wet or dry hair. Just leave it in to protect any drier areas. 

As a styling product, use it for heat protection, for styling and dressing the hair in between washes, whether you're wearing it smooth or curly. Again, that can be wet or dry. 

As a finishing product, you don't need a serum just use this instead. It contains a small amount of our scented organic hair oil, which gives it this lovely richness – it's pure moisture. Wherever you put it, it will just absorb into the hair.





*Based on using 16.8 gallons of water per the the average 8 minute shower. Source: US EPA Save Water and Energy by Showering Better Pub. 2017.

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