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Soil is a crucial component of the environment, playing a vital role in sustaining life on Earth. From providing nutrients for plants to filtering water, soil has a significant impact on the ecosystem. We can't live without it. Looking after our soils is looking after our planet. 

'It sustains us, captures carbon, provides a home for billions of organisms and can help defend us against flooding and drought.' - Soil Association. 

According to the Soil Association:

  • UK soils are eroding and depleting with soil biodiversity being damaged.
  • We must support farmers to transition to agroecology, farming with nature to regenerate soils.

Our soils are degrading at an alarming rate. One-third of the world’s arable soils are degraded. The situation becomes even more urgent when we consider that it can take a thousand years for just one centimetre of topsoil to form.'

'We lose the equivalent of 30 football pitches of soil every minute to degradation'

How does Tabitha JK Organic Hair Care support soil biodiversity?

Soil is home to a diverse range of organisms, from bacteria and fungi to earthworms and insects. This biodiversity is essential for maintaining soil health and fertility, as these organisms play a crucial role in nutrient cycling and decomposition.

Switching to organic hair care products removes the damaging cycle of synthetic chemicals that leach onto our hair (and bodies) – as well as down the drain, into the soil and back again. 

*Organic standards are designed to ensure that regenerating soil health is a key priority for a farmer. For example, artificial fertilisers and pesticides are banned to help build natural fertility, nutrient recycling and plant health. This all requires healthy, living soils.

The organic ingredient’s journey begins in the soil, how that ingredient is grown, processed, produced and used. 

Using organic ingredients supports organic farming, which directly supports biodiversity and soil health. We create beautiful, organically certified products that perform well and allow people to fall back in love with their hair – empowered in the knowledge they are no longer polluting their bodies, the rivers, seas and soil. 

'Organic farming is based on:

  • Lowering the risk of plant disease, to reduce the need for fungicides in the first place.

  • Building soil fertility through composting and crop rotation, and using legumes to fix nitrogen, rather than energy-hungry synthetic fertilisers.

It is no surprise therefore, that organic farms have healthier soils, with more earthworms and a more diverse range of microbes living in the soil too.' - Soil Association. 

In addition, 'Organic crops are up to 60% higher in antioxidants than conventionally grown ones' - Soil Association. Tabitha JK Organic hair care is bursting with vitamins and antioxidants, to nourish you and your hair.

How does organic farming combat climate change?

*Did you know that there's 10 billion tonnes of carbon stored in UK soils?

Healthy well managed soils capture carbon dioxide and store it as soil organic carbon.

This makes them an essential resource in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and tackling climate change.

By switching to a new organic hair care ritual, you can help support soil biodiversity and the planet. 

Hair Care. Water Care. Soil Care. 

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*The Soil Association - Saving Our Soils

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