The Slow Hair Movement - Re-wild your hair

This Mental Health Awareness Month, why not join the Slow Hair Movement of organic hair care products that work in harmony with your body and nature? We support you in Re-wilding your hair, reconnecting you back with nature.

According to *MIND, mental health problems such as anxiety are increasing and *76% of us are dealing with moderate to high stress levels.

Tabitha JK  has started the #slowhairmovement to bring to our attention the need for change for both our wellbeing and to empower us to own change in our choices. It's about using rituals to heal and support us, with products that help you to be gentler and kinder to yourself (and the planet).

Your organic hair routine becomes a calming and nourishing ritual that’s all about enhancing your well-being. 

Let's delve into how Tabitha JK organic hair care can positively impact your mental health and overall well-being.

What is the slow hair movement?

Modern life is fast. We live in societies brimming with fast food, fast fashion, fast technology and… fast hair! 

And it’s not doing us, or the planet, any good. 

The Slow Food movement encourages us to: 

  • slow down
  • enjoy the ritual of cooking and the experience of making food 
  • appreciate where our food comes from
  • savour it
  • bring people together in community and supportiveness
  • eat local to reduce waste and food miles
  • consider what happens with any waste food or by-products.

    The Slow Hair movement encourages you to:

    • slow things down and become more ritual based
    • enjoy the ritual of how you wash, nourish and care for your hair – embody wellness and self care in the process
    • appreciate where your products and their ingredients come from 
    • bring like minded people together 
    • support independents and small brands who are doing the right things for the future
    • close the loop – reduce what we use and how often, refill and reuse and become a truly circular industry. 

    It's about being kind to yourself and taking a moment for you. 

    Instead of encouraging you to rush into the shower on a Monday morning, scrub your hair with detergent – rinse and repeat each day – it's time we thought about the products we use and make a conscious choice to only use products that won’t harm us or the planet.

    Because when we use authentically natural products on our body they have a different consequence. Synthetic products temporarily override the delicate balance of the skin’s natural environment –  they do the job for the skin and the hair for as long as you use the product. Whereas natural products aren’t disruptive and are designed to restore balance.

    The very nature of stripping oil from the skin puts the body out of sync with its natural rhythm. It's having to do something it shouldn't. 

    Creating enough oil to be greasy every day involves using a lot of moisture. Which means the body's working really hard to do something it doesn't need to do. 

    Switching to organic products that gently clean the hair and the natural oil, without stripping it away, encourages a different conversation with the body, which calms everything down and brings the hair and scalp into balance. 

    Not having to wash your hair all the time is liberating and freeing and puts our guests back in the driving seat between visits. I.e anything from four to seven days between washes is ideal – as the hair becomes healthier when you don't wash it with conventional shampoos that contain detergent and chemicals, every day.   

    This is a lifestyle shift that encourages people to reconsider their personal care routines and what they can do to become more sustainable at home.  

    This is future-proof self care. 

    Supported by you. 

    Find your ritual & boost your endorphins in the process

    A great way to boost mental health (and your hair), is to indulge in our nourishing and calming self-care ritual, designed to take you out of the busyness of your mind. This can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation. It is important to slow down, reduce stress levels and take a moment for you.

    Find your hair ritual below:

    Fine, Lank & Flyaway Hair

    Thick, Dry & Frizzy Hair

    Straight & Silky Hair 

    Curly Hair

    Aromatherapy for relaxation & stress relief

    Our products are aromatherapy scented and available in three signature scents –Amber Rose, Golden Citrus and Special Edition 'Spring Equinox.' All are very powerful and warming fragrances that nourish and nurture you; as they bring aromatherapy into your hair ritual.

    Choosing which one to use is as simple as noticing which fragrance you feel most drawn to. 

    Amber Rose 

    Some days you just need to be hugged. Amber Rose is a warm, loving hug. Designed to bring you out of the busyness of your head, calm you and bring you down into your heart chakra. 

    It's very centering and warm and nourishing. Designed with an intention to nourish you.

    Contains essential oils of: Rose Damask, Rose Geranium, Sweet Orange, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Roman Chamomile, with an accent of Neroli.

    Golden Citrus 

    Golden Citrus is designed for those days when you need a bit of a boost. Invigorating and awakening, this uplifting scent will warm you emotionally from the inside, lift your spirits and awaken your senses with warm citruses, neroli, bergamot and sweet orange. 

    Contains essential oils of: Neroli, Bergamot, Red Mandarin, Tangerine, Petitgrain, Myrrh, Ylang Ylang, Tea Tree and Lavender.

    Spring Equinox

    Discover the uplifting top notes of Bergamot and Lime, followed by a trail of balancing bitter orange, vibrant Ylang Ylang & Lemongrass. Accented with Geranium for your heart energy.  Followed by the grounding low notes of Black Pepper, Patchouli & Ginger to calm your body and mind.

    Feel uplifted, received, calm, balanced and at one with nature. 

    Contains essential oils of: Rose Geranium, Lime, Black pepper, Patchouli, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Lemongrass and Coriander. 


    According to *Soil Association beauty, 'neurocosmetics', is based on the idea that certain ingredients put on to the skin can influence our mood and that a better mood, in turn results in better skin.' Essential oils, which have been used in certified organic products for years for their aromatherapeutic benefits are a type of neurocosmetic as their scents are used to influence mood.' 

    We use a range of powerful organic essential oils in our products. For example, scientific studies have shown that the organic essential oil, 'Lavender' has a calming effect on the mind. Other organic essential oils such as 'Rosemary', have been shown to *stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, boost concentration and alertness. 'Chamomile' is also proven to have anti-inflammatory effects when applied to the skin, which is great for scalp health.



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    * Moss,M and Oliver, L (2012), Plasma: 1,8-cineole correlates with cognitive performance following exposure to rosemary essential oil aroma, Ther Adv Psychopharmacol, 2(3): 103–113


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