NEW Letterbox Friendly Eco-Refills

*Did you know that packaging forms 70% of the beauty industry’s waste?

So what's the solution? 

We are delighted to announce that you can now purchase convenient letterbox friendly Eco-Refills in your favourite Tabitha JK products.

Tabitha JK Eco-Refills are not only refillable but also designed to break down, free from any harmful additives (phthalates, BPA.) To be truly sustainable, the Eco-Refills have an inner certIfied compostable pouch that is designed to break down easily in home compost conditions, garden waste collection, community compost schemes and local recycling centres. 

Once opened, please decant your refill within 5 days.

The eco-pouch comes in a 100% recyclable cardboard sleeve, with vegetable based inks and dyes. 

Why choose refills?

  • Globally, only 9% of plastics and only 35% of all toiletries are effectively recycled. 
  • In the UK it is estimated that five million tonnes of plastic is used every year, nearly half of which is packaging. 
  • Reduce carbon footprint, water and waste, helping to protect the planet. 
  • Better value for money.

How to refill your bottles

Step 1:  Snip the corner off. Cut along line A or B, depending on the thickness of the liquid. 

Step 2: Pinch closed where marked and turn upside down directly above your empty bottle neck.

Step 3: Release your pinch and the liquid will flow. You may need to squeeze the card together to get every last drop out.

Step 4: Open up your wallet and check inside for disposal info for your pouch. Please rinse the pouch before disposing.

Blue Beauty

We are all about 'Blue Beauty' - sustainable hair care with great results, free from chemicals and plastic ingredients. You can help protect our soils and oceans by refilling your bottles.

 Let's grow a movement and reduce carbon footprint, water and waste.

*The British Beauty Council

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