Summer Hair Care

Summer is a great time to relax and enjoy the sunshine, but it can also mean your hair is exposed to a variety of environmental stressors that can strip it of its natural oils and moisture. The combination of heat, humidity, UV rays, salt and chlorine can leave your locks dry, damaged, and frizzy.  

Tabitha JK Organic hair care can help to replenish and nourish your hair, keeping your hair hydrated and healthy. 'Did you know Organic crops are up to 60% higher in antioxidants than conventionally grown ones?' - Soil Association. 

We are all about 'Blue Beauty' - sustainable hair care with great results, free from chemicals and plastic ingredients. You can help protect our soils and oceans.

Here are some essential tips to keep your hair and scalp nourished, hydrated and protected during the summer months:

Hair Cleansing

High humidity causes the scalp to produce excess sebum, leaving your locks looking greasy and flat. This creamy hair cleanser is the problem solver, designed to address a scalp that is out of balance. It will nourish the scalp, harmonise with the bodies natural oil production with its combination of nutrient rich oils, healing Aloe vera and calming Oat milk.

Its gentle cleansing action will clean the oil in your hair, leaving it soft and nourished without stripping the hair or the scalp. Aloe vera and coconut oil is included for their moisturising, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Suitable for oily or dry hair & scalps and curly & wavy hair types, including colour treated hair. 


Moisturise your Hair & Scalp

Excessive sun exposure can have damaging effects on your hair, just like it can on your skin. UV radiation from the sun can break down the proteins in your hair, leading to dryness, brittleness, and split ends. Salt water and chlorine can also draw all the moisture out of your hair, making it feel very dry. 

Anytime your hair feels dry or dehydrated, apply Tabitha JK's 4-1 Conditioner to wet or dry hair. This multi-functional hair moisturiser is an excellent way to revive dry hair. Anytime your hair feels dry or dehydrated, apply this product - it's pure moisture. Harnessing the restorative power of oats, this product will instantly rehydrate and nourish your hair, revealing beautifully soft tresses. 

Designed to be layered, you can use this multitasker in the shower, before drying, during styling or even after styling to refresh and settle any frizz that might occur from being in a dry and warm environment. 

Prolonged sun exposure can also lead to scalp dryness. You can also use the 4-1 conditioner to moisturise and soothe your scalp. Put a small amount on your fingertips and apply directly to your scalp, wherever it needs soothing.


Revive your Hair Colour

We all experience colour fade in the summer months due to sunlight and unwanted tones may start to appear due to dehydration. For example you may reveal orange and red in your chocolate brown hair. 

One really effective way of reviving your hair colour is to add moisture and reseal the hair, with our Scented Organic Hair Oil. This product will repair thirsty, heat damaged hair and rebalances the natural oil production of the scalp, whilst varnishing the hair with incredible shine and lustre.

Apply as a pre wash treatment at least once a week and leave for a minimum of 10 minutes (ideally overnight) and cleanse thoroughly to remove the excess oil. 


Refresh on the go

The heat of summer can leave your scalp feeling oily and sweaty. Refresh your hair on the go with our compact Dry Shampoo. Apply this very light organic powder in a fine mist to absorb the oil and take away any shine at the roots.



By incorporating Tabitha JK Organic hair care products into your summer hair care ritual, you can help protect your hair from the damaging effects of the sun and keep it looking healthy and vibrant all season long. So, next time you hit the beach or pool, don't forget to pack Tabitha JK Organic Hair Care essentials.


Our travel sizes are compact and perfect for your travel bag, so you can enjoy beautiful, nourished hair on the go. Get the full travel set, which is valued at £95, for just £75, and save £20.

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