February - the month of Amethyst

February is the month of love and optimism, with a focus on the heart chakra. It is also the birth month of Amethyst, the rarest and yet most popular form of quartz found in this world. 

Why do we use an Amethyst stone?  💜

You may have noticed that each bottle of our Scented Organic Hair Oil contains an Amethyst stone – given with love from Tabitha, who’s purest intention with this is to raise the vibration of the product. 


Amethyst helps us to break negative thought patterns, uplift and open our minds. Given that this oil goes straight onto the head she thought it would be lovely to give you something that comes with such lovely positive affirmations.

Of course, not everyone is open to what the crystal might do for the product. But when we tested the scent, with and without the Amethyst, the difference the crystal made was incredible. It smelt so much better and so much more alive with the Amethyst in it. 

Aromatherapy for this ritual comes in our signature Amber Rose scent. Take a moment to inhale with three slow, deep breaths and indulge in the aromatherapy. The exquisite scent, coupled with the Amethyst is a warm, loving hug and is designed to bring you out of the busyness of your head, calm you and bring you down into your heart chakra.
How to use our Scented Organic Hair Oil
You can use our Scented Organic Hair Oil as a pre-wash treatment or as daily protection.
  • The scented organic hair oil will improve the condition, feel and the balance of the hair and scalp. 
  • Add shine and natural lustre to the hair
  • Put back the acid mantle - the protective layer that should lightly coat and protect the skin and the hair
  • Correct the moisture balance and support the maintenance of the moisturising of the hair
  • It will richen the colour revealing the true tones and variations and deepening the shine.
  • Make the hair more manageable and reveal the correct weight of the hair, stopping fly aways and frizz

Apply a pump into the palm of your hand and warm by rubbing your palms together.  Remember less is more effective. Apply the warmed oil to the body of your hair, via the mid lengths and through to the ends. 

Use the flats of your hands to apply the oil, smoothing it over the hair, re-applying until the oil has fully transferred from your hands to the hair.

You can also sleep in the oil overnight and wash out the next day to reveal beautiful, nourished hair. It is important to remember to slow down and take time out from our busy lives, to nurture and love ourselves. 

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