Revive Thick and Dry Winter Hair

WHY choose Tabitha JK Eco-luxe hair care?

My inspiration was the realisation that so much plastic is used in hair care (and all personal care products & cosmetics generally) 9-10 products use it as an ingredient in the formulation up to as much as 80% volume. Do check out the "plastic soup foundation" for facts. 

Certified Organic? - for me organic is a given and crucial for biodiversity and our future. This is not to be underestimated choosing to support organic products supports organic farming, simple!  This supports biodiversity and protects our soil for future generations.  Your choices really do make a difference. 💚

Performance - You need products that work, we (the hairdressers) also need products that work - we succeeded in creating products that change the game and reveal beautiful hair whilst protecting your health and wellbeing as well as that of the planet.  This win-win situation exemplifies the innovative approach of hair care professionals towards creating a sustainable and responsible product line.💚


Oil Balancing

The very first step of anyone’s ritual should be applying TJK’s scented organic hair oil (which is the pre-wash oil). This oil mimics the acid mantle and brings the hair back to life and lustre. It should be applied to the dehydrated areas of the hair that are not being nourished by the hair’s natural oil.

Scented Organic hair oil - pre wash hair oil

  • The scented organic hair oil will improve the condition, feel and the balance of the hair and scalp. 
  • Add shine and natural lustre to the hair
  • Put back the acid mantle - the protective layer that should lightly coat and protect the skin and the hair
  • Correct the moisture balance and support the maintenance of the moisturising of the hair
  • It will richen the colour revealing the true tones and variations and deepening the shine.
  • Make the hair more manageable and reveal the correct weight of the hair, stopping flyaways and frizz

Apply 1-2 pumps into the palm of your hand and warm by rubbing your palms together.  Remember less is more effective. Take a moment to inhale with three slow, deep breaths. This product is infused with our signature Amber Rose aromatherapy scent. 

Apply the warmed oil to the body of your hair, via the mid lengths and through to the ends. 

Use the flats of your hands to apply the oil, smoothing it over the hair, re-applying until the oil has fully transferred from your hands to the hair.

For Thick hair the ideal way to use this product is to sleep in the oil overnight. This will also allow the hair to fully absorb the oil getting the best out of the product. Enjoy a deep sleep indulging in aromatherapy. The hair can also take small amounts of the oil applied in between washes. Add a few tiny drops to the palm of your hand warm and apply sparingly to the middle and ends of the hair or to any dry areas.

How I developed my Scented Organic Hair Oil

Starting out with over 30 different oils – all certified organic – Tabitha spent two years developing this oil and testing it in her salon with real people. Aromatherapy for this ritual comes in our signature Amber Rose scent. The result is a blend of five organic oils – argon, safflower, goji berry, sea buckthorn and rosehip. 

Each bottle also contains an amethyst stone – given with love from Tabitha, who’s purest intention with this is to raise the vibration of the product.

Amethyst helps us to break negative thought patterns, uplift and open our minds. Given that this oil goes straight onto the head she thought it would be lovely to give you something that comes with such lovely positive affirmations

What’s the story?

Imagine brushing your hair 100 strokes a day. You’d really work your natural oils through the hair. But it’d take longer for the oil to reach lower down the length of your hair. This oil is for those parts of your hair that never get the natural oil. Because that oil is really good for the hair. It brings the fabric of it to life. 

When you put this protection back in place, it creates a situation where the hair is back in balance. It's how it should feel. It has self-protection, is the right weight and can hold moisture correctly. 

Without this protection in place, the hair is more reactive to atmospherics, so any bit of moisture in the air changes the hair’s form. 

Correct Cleansing 

When it comes to the hair itself, cleaning this most delicate of fabrics with 100% organic ingredients, using pure moisture that brings it back to life, nourishes it and prepares it for styling. 

Washing the hair organically also requires us to think about the hair and the scalp as two separate entities – and identify what each needs. 


The scalp needs to be cleaned gently, without disrupting the natural behaviour of the body. Traditional shampoos are, by definition, degreasants. The process of removing all traces of oil from the skin triggers the body to overproduce oil to put it back. But there’s more. This also sends the body into chaos and can affect the hormones, the endocrine system and general functions of the body as it’s working hard doing something it’s not supposed to do. 

By using TJK washing products to gently clean the scalp we have a very different conversation with the body. One that is supportive and achieves harmony and balance. 

Making the subtle shift from ‘stripping our hair’ to ‘cleansing our scalp and root areas’ – with a focus on the crown and the nape of the neck – involves replacing harsh detergents with gentle cleansing soap that cleans the acid mantle (a protective layer that keeps our skin balanced, happy and healthy) without stripping the scalp of its natural oil / sebum.


Washing your hair the TJK way

Traditional shampoo is, by definition, a degreasant. Its job is to remove all traces of oil from your hair and scalp. Most people drop a huge blob of shampoo onto the top of their head, rub it in and create a mass of lather that runs all the way to the ends of the hair. This strips the hair of all its moisture and, crucially, its acid mantle.

The acid mantle is a protective layer on the skin that protects the scalp, keeping everything happy and harmonious. Preserving the moisture balance of our hair, it also shields each strand from harmful UV rays and environmental toxins.  

Removing the acid mantle is the biggest cause of most hair problems such as frizzy, flyaway, dehydrated, dry, brittle, splitting, de-moisturised, lank, static and motionless hair.

TJK washing products do not contain detergent. They do not strip the oil, instead they gently cleanse it, refreshing the hair and, crucially, leaving the acid mantle in place.  

Each time you wash your hair with traditional shampoo you essentially go back to square one. Instead, you need to build up the protective layer of the acid mantle over time by washing consistently with our cleaners or shampoo. 

This will leave your hair feeling like it has more life. Your hair and scalp will start to re-balance – and the hair will get its natural weight back. As you start to find balance your hair will start to stay clean for longer and require washing less often. 


Apply around a 50p piece worth to your hands, spread it in your palms and then cup your scalp with your hands. Start at the back, then apply at the crown and both sides. Once you have applied product to your scalp evenly massage as your normal shampoo routine. Repeat the application of a 50p sized piece as required focusing on the roots and scalp area – the nape of the neck, the crown area, behind the ears and a little at the top of the head at the front – you do not need to take the product through to the ends of the hair.  

Shampoo vs Cleanser

The hair cleanser is the problem solver. If you're too oily, or too dry, or anywhere is out of balance, the hair cleanser solves these problems. 

If you don't have any problems with your hair or scalp, use the shampoo. 

Both products train your hair to stay clean for longer and are suitable for hair that is colour treated, or not. For all hair types and all genders. 

Organic hair Cleanser

Use our organic hair cleanser if your hair is very dry and dehydrated as this will gently bring the dryness into balance. You can also use this product if you have oily hair in winter as it will support the scalp to find balance and harmony.

This ‘shampoo replacement’s’ job is to clean the oil in your hair, not remove it. Non-detergent based, this product uses natural soap bark to create a gentle lather. Designed to be non-invasive, so as not to disrupt the natural function of the scalp. Our scalp should not be oily every day. If it is, this tells us our body is very out of balance. The hair cleanser’s job is to address this imbalance – and start us on a journey to calm down the overproduction of oil.

If our body has been overproducing oil for most of our life this is not something that will change instantly. Consistent use of this product will teach the body to respond more calmly. When our scalp gets locked in a cycle of overproducing oil this disrupts our endocrine system and leaves our hormones in chaos. 


Certified organic and non-detergent based, this shampoo is very light. Packed with nourishing and moisturising ingredients it does what a shampoo does – this very mild cleansing agent will remove the oil, but in a much gentler way.

Just wet the hair through and apply to the roots, scalp and underneath the hairline – and then rinse. You don't need to wash through to the ends of your hair. You'll deal with that in the moisturising phase. 

Stop after one wash and see how the hair feels. 

In the beginning, you might need a second wash if the scalp isn’t fully clean, or it feels like you've missed a bit. Use a second wash to go over areas you have missed. But for the most part, one wash should be ample. That second wash is just a marketing gimmick to get you to use more product. 

Moisture Layering 

4-in-1 Conditioner

This multi-functional hair moisturiser has four different uses. A small amount of our hair oil gives it this lovely richness – it’s pure moisture. Wherever you put it, the hair will absorb it.

It's a detangler in the shower, a great styling product, a traditional conditioner or a leave-in conditioner. You can apply it to wet or dry hair. Just leave it in to protect any drier areas. 

As a styling product, use it for heat protection, for styling and dressing the hair in between washes, whether you're wearing it smooth or curly. Again, that can be wet or dry. 

As a finishing product, you don't need a serum just use this instead. It contains a small amount of our scented organic hair oil, which gives it this lovely richness – it's pure moisture. Wherever you put it, it will just absorb into the hair.

Phase One

Use TJK’s 4-in-1 Conditioner for the second stage of washing, which is also the conditioning phase. We clean the hair a second time with moisture (conditioner).

Phase Two
Apply as a leave in conditioner to the areas of the hair that need it most, ie. mid lengths, ends and any areas that are damaged or over-processed. 

Phase Three

Use for heat protection and as a styling aid. Apply roots to tips and style or blow dry as required. 

Phase Four
Apply as a serum to finish the hair. TJK’s 4-in-1 Conditioner can be applied to wet or dry hair anytime the hair needs reviving, volumising, smoothing, dressing, restyling, finishing or just moisturising. This can be done as many times as required until the next wash, even if that is daily over five to seven days. 


Extra note: when the hair needs an extra boost our secret weapon is the TJK Clean Conditioner (instant hair mask). This product is very intense and should be used sparingly just to the areas of the hair that really need hydrating or repairing. Apply underneath the TJK 4-in-1 Conditioner during the conditioning phase (Phase One) and rinse out. 

Clean Conditioner 

Everybody's hair needs moisturising. The 4-in-1 is brilliant at that. But it's light, it's designed to be layered. This instant hair mask gives your hair a very, very deep hit of moisture – you should only apply it where and you need it. 

You don’t need to use it all the time. Put it through your driest areas, once every second or third wash. 

How to use

Apply a small amount to wet hair, just where you need it and apply the 4-in-1 on top as a detangler to comb it all through. Then rinse it all off. 

This is not a leave-in product. But, of course, there are rules to break with every range. If you have very curly hair and / or very thick, strong hair you can play with it as a leave-in product. People with these hair types tend to know what their hair can take. So they can bend the rules with it. But for most people it's a wash off product. 

Dry Shampoo

There are two dry shampoos in a fair and dark version – choose yours according to your hair colour. 

Apply this very light organic powder in a fine mist to absorb the oil and take away any shine at the roots. 

If you're starting to look and feel a bit greasy it’s great to support you in prolonging your hair in between washes. It’s also an amazing volumiser. Or if you have blow dried your hair and want to keep it looking nice for as long as possible apply it to your roots to really lift and volumize the hair and give it texture. 

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