Frances Welch Using TJK products

"Over the years I have used every product to wash and style my hair for all weathers. From living in sunny Los Angeles to the humidity of Dallas , then made my way across to the UK."


Real TJK Hair Stories - Frances Welch - Week 1

This is Frances after one week of using Tabitha James Kraan Haircare


"My daily washing and using hairspray took a toll on my hair. White flakes sat always on my shoulders every day, my scalp was dry, as was my hair. In 2017, it all changed I was introduced to TJK Hair Cleanser and 4 in 1 Amber Rose conditioner. So was it easy to break years of washing my hair daily? No! I kept washing everyday and found my hair told me not to, it became slightly oily , but the bounce to my hair was amazing."


Real TJK Hair Stories - Frances Welch - 6 years of using Tabitha James Kraan

This is Frances after six years of exclusively using Tabitha James Kraan Haircare - notice the glamorous volume and bounce!


"So I went from over 40 years of daily washing and within 3 months I was washing every 7 days, which I still do today. Better still – no white flakes and no dry scalp! The next to change was not using hairspray and that took a few years. Today at 66 my hair is the best it has ever looked, the best part my hair -it feels thicker!"

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