Shop Sustainable Supersizes with Klarna.

Supersize beauty products have taken the world by storm, with features in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Glamour Magazine. Also known as ‘Jumbo Beauty’ or "XXL Beauty' this method of shopping your favourite products is fast becoming the most eco-friendly and sustainable way of online shopping to date!
  1.  Shopping Supersize means you spend less money. We did the math and you save around £12 when you shop my supersize, 500ml bottles and an incredible £45 when you shop my Scented Organic Hair Oil 150ml! 

  2.  It saves on packaging - Supersize = LESS BOTTLES

  3.  Saves on delivery emissions - If you shop supersize you will order less, thus reducing delivery emissions! 

Tabitha James Kraan Shop Supersize with Klarna


Tabitha's tip: 
"When you shop supersize, checkout with Klarna and pay with 3 payments so you can enjoy your favourite haircare products for longer!"
Tabitha James Kraan Klarna

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