This Mother’s day I want to celebrate my mum

I grew up in a small village in Worcestershire, the eldest daughter of five children. Life was pretty idyllic; we spent a lot of time outside playing in nature and having simple freedoms that allowed our imaginations to run wild. We were surrounded by animals and had ponies to play with, as well as to fall off, which is how we learnt to ride them. This was mostly down to the dreams of a perfect childhood for us created by my lovely Mum.

We were loved, safe and happy, we mostly ate the food that my parents grew in their garden and the fowl that roamed in the small plot of land that was cultivated to fit the “good life” that my parents wanted to achieve. This was all organic living before organic was a thing… Mainly of course because it was then just called growing food.  

Last year my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was news that shocked 3 generations of my family into a state of panic.  How could this be happening to us, what do we do next…. This is an all too familiar story these days and I am sure it will be familiar to many of you reading this today.

This Mother’s day I want to celebrate my mum, she is the strongest woman I know and my constant inspiration of how to be a whole woman. She is full of love and compassion, she is feminine and yet strong, she has boundless courage, she is no nonsense she has limitless capacities as a woman.  She knows how to gets things done without compromising her values. She is beautiful and wise, she showed me how to be a good mother, sister, daughter & friend. I owe her everything. She means the world to me.  

Last December, my two wonderful sons and their beautiful fairer halves and I got to spend a very special weekend celebrating mum’s results, she was cancer clear after almost a year of gruelling Chemo, a mastectomy and all that goes with it. 

I am delighted to say that she fought hard and she won.

Thank you Mummy for being you.

Happy Mothers day to all the mums that never give up.


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Tabitha. How wonderful and what a lovely Mum. They are our inspiration. My mother lived til she was almost 104! I will never forget her. She is with me still every day.


Pam March 15, 2024

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