It's my 30th salon-iversary!

30 years ago, my first Tabitha James flagship salon was born.

In 1993, with a loan from the Princes Trust, I opened the ‘Hair Gallery’ in Broadway sitting at the edge of the Cotswolds.  As a young hair stylist my dream was to bring some city style to the Cotswolds focusing on education from London for my team, and I . Developing our creative skills and experience, we entered the British Hairdressing Awards during the first year which was led by our creative energy. 


In 1999, I was happily pregnant with my first son, and had a chance conversation with an enlightened Midwife. Her knowledge led me to the fact that I might harm my baby, if I coloured my hair during my pregnancy.  This was a lightbulb moment for me, one that set me on my journey of Organic Hair care. Everything shifted at once as I  started my quest to find ways to work with less chemicals, however organic product was not in the market at this time . My life mission was born, to create healthier place for the salon and invent an Organic hair care collection.

Tabitha JK Hair care collection had started its journey.

In 2015, I wrote to Prince Charles thanking him for the help of the trust all those years before and how my career had also incorporated my own Organic hair product. I was surprised to receive a personal letter from him in which he congratulated me and was encouraging about my work, relating to what he himself had done with Duchy organics.  

By this time I moved into Stow-on-the-Wold and opened a beautiful 3 story salon. However, in July 2020 during the pandemic, I moved the salon to Chipping Norton to the Tabitha JK HQ, creating a Covid safe salon.

January 2023 we moved the entire business to The Farncombe Estate. Having moved only last month I am so excited to have come full circle and be back Nr Broadway where it all began.


I am very proud of the work that has been achieved with the support of all of my family and my teams, past and present, over the last 30 years.  It has been a thrilling journey and excitingly look forward to what comes next.  I have two young family members working in the industry and I feel more inspired than ever. In 2022, I became a part of the team heading up a Hair task force for the British Beauty Councils Sustainability Coalition. The task force have many plans to support real change in our industry for a cleaner industry.


My belief is that now is the time to drive a new way of working with hair, that is cleaner and greener for every person. 


Thank you all for your continued support on this wonderful journey.



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Congratulations on your anniversary! You’ve achieved so much and helping so many! You’re educating people, creating the best organic products that are sustainable. After years of searching, I finally have the nourished and manageable hair that I’ve always wanted and I feel I’m doing my bit for the planet at the same time! Hair routine sorted, eco values ticked. Thank you.

Alison Robinson-Wyatt April 24, 2023

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