My 3 step set to combat winter frizz



Step 1. Your weekly oil treatment, Scented Organic Hair Oil. A deeply nourishing weekly oil treatment is going to instantly varnish your hair with my luxurious blend of organic Sea buckthorn, Rosehip., Safflower, Gojiberry and Argan.  The key here is to replace the acid mantle and to restore balance.


Step 2. Your FREE* Award-winning eco-luxe hair mask (simply choose your scent.) This is an instant hit of moisture and is to be used in the shower after cleansing the hair. It is important to ‘zone’ this hair mask, meaning you apply it exactly where you need it. This will absorb right into the hair, instantly reducing frizz and dryness. 



 Step 3. The multi-tasking hair moisturiser, 4-in-1 Conditioner. This product is SO important in your routine when trying to combat frizz. Designed to be layered, you can use this multitasker in the shower, before drying, during styling or even after styling to refresh and settle any frizz that might occur from being in a dry and warm environment. Your hair will thank you.



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