Spotlight on: Scalp Wellness

Daily hair-washing is something that most of us have been in the habit of doing with chemical-based products, thanks to the harsh detergents and other synthetic ingredients giving you hair that looks great on day one, dry by day two and greasy by day three.

This comes down to the simple facts that ‘regular’ shampoo both strips out the protective and nourishing oils your body produces naturally, causing your scalp to go into overdrive trying to produce more oil to compensate, whilst simultaneously drying your hair and scalp, causing a dry, flaky scalp and other conditions.

Meanwhile, those conditioners replace your natural oils with a synthetic coating that leaves a waxy residue on the hair shaft. This waxy residue builds up with use, coating the hair shaft and actually blocking the essential oils produced by your scalp; underneath the coating, your ‘shiny’ hair is drying out further, getting more and more brittle and easily damaged.

You’ll have probably noticed that when using detergent shampoos, without the addition of conditioners your hair soon starts to look dull and damaged. That’s because it is dull and damaged!

“Frequent washing with a detergent based cleanser strips the hair of its natural oil, and the sebum glands in the scalp go into overdrive to try and replace it. The result is a greasy parting, and the necessity for more frequent washing – a frustrating and destructive self-perpetuating cycle of hair misery.” - Tabitha James Kraan

We’re not interested in pushing endless additional products onto you to cover up a problem – our goal is to retrain your hair and rebalance your scalp, so that each strand is truly healthy from the inside-out. The clean, silky hair that you get with our products isn’t down to symptoms being concealed – it’s the result of true healing, with 100% natural ingredients, repairing the very structure of your hair.

You really can achieve a beautifully balanced scalp with TJK Organics in just 3 easy steps! Here’s how:

1. Scented Organic Hair Oil

Soothe & Rebalance – Our 3 step routine starts with our little pot of opulence: The Scented Organic Hair Oil.Packed full of deeply nourishing ingredients, we love using this as a pre-wash treatment to calm the overproduction of oil and encourage correct moisture balance for hair that is silky smooth, manageable and free from grease and or irritation.
2. Organic Hair Cleanser
Cleanse & Condition Without Stripping – A healthy, balanced scalp doesn’t need constant washing and conditioning: The shiny, silky-smooth texture hair we all aspire to comes from a healthy, balanced scalp and if it’s the real deal, it lasts for days at a time. Our Organic Cleanser and Organic 4-in-1 Conditioner makes a kind yet fiercesome duo when it comes to tackling hair that needs to be brought back to life!
3. Organic Dry Shampoo
Keep Hair Fresh, for Longer – During the process of rebalancing your scalp, you may want a little help with keeping excess oil at bay without having to wash your hair. We don’t do ‘bad hair days’, thanks to our secret weapon: Tabitha James Kraan Organics Dry Shampoo. Unlike your average dry shampoo, this isn’t just a quick fix – it is actually beneficial for your locks and a dusting leaves you not only looking like you’ve just stepped out of the salon but feeling and smelling like it too!
Once you achieve a good moisture balance it is vital to keep it there. Our hair becomes dehydrated from over washing as well as winter heating and summer sunshine. It is important to put the moisture back and then keep topping it up to achieve maximum hydration. This is when our hair really performs for us.

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