The Sustainable Beauty Coalition launches Planet Positive Beauty Guide

What does the Sustainable Beauty Coalition do, and who is it for?

 The Sustainable Beauty Coalition aims to address the global climate change crisis by raising awareness in the beauty and wellness industry by creating an overarching Framework for Action. This will entail setting ambitious targets for the industry to become more transparent, authentic and accountable to the consumer with their three focus pillars in the forefront:

  • Transparency & Accountability – Being clear with and activating consumers and others about what sustainability means.
  • Standards & Certification – Establishing industry-wide standards that meet the scale of the challenge and ensuring only meaningful certifications are used.
  • Innovation & Technology – Harnessing the industry’s excellence in innovation for good and exploring the role this can play in delivering the ambitions of the framework.

The SBC, launched in July of this year kicking off the coalition with an open letter to the industry  

“While a growing number of brands are taking significant steps to reduce their negative impact on the planet, these efforts are patchy and uncoordinated. The coalition seeks to address this.” – SBC Chair Jayn Sterland, UK managing director of Weleda UK


What is the purpose of the Planet Positive Beauty Guide?

The Planet Positive beauty guide is essentially a digital guide on how to be a greener consumer and how to not fall for ‘natural’ marketing gimmicks AKA ‘green washing” so that YOU are in control and on the right track making greener choices. It is packed with interesting stats and figures, compiled from industry leaders who are a member of the Sustainable Beauty Coalition of the British Beauty Council (myself included) to give you the following:

  • Helpful armour when shopping – and being able to spot a green washed product a mile away.
  • Tips on how to better understand ingredients and their benefits (or lack there-of)
  • How to read symbols and labels to better understand your products.
  • Stats and figures to start healthy and informative debates with your GF’s – we need everyone on board if we are to make a change!
  • Easy swaps that you can make at home, if you haven’t already.

"To help consumers navigate through the minefield of baffling ingredient jargon and confusing claims, the British Beauty Council’s Sustainable Beauty Coalition has created the Planet Positive Beauty Guide (version 1) – a definitive industry guide featuring easy-to-digest information to help consumers make greener beauty choices more confidently.” – The Sustainable Beauty Council


Download your free version of the Planet Positive Beauty Guide below:


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